Try Your Luck at the We’koqma’q Gaming Centre!

We’koqma’q Gaming houses all of We’koqma’q’s video lottery terminals and offers a comfortable environment for access to many video lottery terminals to both tourists and community members. 

Located next to We’koqma’q One Stop on Highway 125, it is 100% owned by the We’koqma’q Band.

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation adds two new games about every three months to give players new choices in the games they choose to play

Video lottery provides an interactive and entertaining way to play games of chance for the opportunity to win cash prizes. The Video Lottery Program in Atlantic Canada offers a variety of games including line games, poker games, and keno games. The minimum payout percentage in Atlantic Canada is 80%. This means that at minimum, 80% of all money played is returned to players in prizes, in varying amounts.

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