Our Economy

Our Economy | Our Control of Our Future

Since 2011, we’ve been focused and aggressive in our efforts to create self-generated revenue for our community.

With investments and quick growth in our commercial fisheries and aquaculture, First Alliance Security, The One Stop, gaming and more, we’ve taken critical steps to create a prosperous and stable future for our entire community.

In just 5 years, we’ve built a fully integrated trout aquaculture business that consists of a hatchery, farm and processing plant. Our seafood products are sold by the largest retailers in our region and are chosen for their superior quality.

Aside from creating hundreds of new jobs, we’ve re-invested these revenues into our community for housing and other necessary infrastructure, like roads, water, sewer, healthcare and resources for our elders and youth.

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Our Employees | Our Reason for Success

Creating meaningful employment opportunities within our community has been one of the greatest spin-offs of our economic successes.

Since 2011, nearly 400 new jobs have been created, with most positions being held by our community members.

Training and education are paramount to creating such employment. We recognized early into our new strategic plan that a personalized, one-on-one approach was needed to provide the support our community needed to address the barriers to employment, including social, financial and educational. This approach has been hugely successfully, resulting in increased employment, as well as support for community members who
desire to start their own business.

Our departments have adopted a holistic approach to lean on one another and find the best opportunities they can for every person seeking employment.

We’koqma’q has created more than 400 new jobs since 2011.

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