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We'koqma'q Education Department

In January 1995, the Mi’kmaq Education Act officially recognized the communities’ legal right to govern the education of their children by transferring control of education back to the Band. It is with this strength and authority that We’koqma’q strives to retain its language and traditional knowledge of the land and its resources.

The inception of the updated school, which opened in the Fall of 2008, represents a significant enhancement over the existing facilities. The building brings together We’koqma’q Elementary School, which offers kindergarten/pre-primary to grade six programs, and the We’koqma’q Secondary School, which provided high school students the opportunity to attend Grade 12 classes in the community.

Since 2011, We’koqma’q has supported more 680 students with funding for post- secondary education.

This new supportive learning environment not only meets the Provincial school outcomes, but provides specialty services that meet the diverse learning needs of its students. The We’koqma’q School provides academic, extracurricular, and other resources to our students. We’koqma’q is a community that is committed to maintaining its diversity in its student body, facility and staff. The school staff are committed to helping students achieve the highest scholarly levels and to prepare them for the freedom to chose their future, their careers, and their destiny.

Career counselling is available for all students in the secondary grades to assist them in meeting entrance requirements for the post-secondary programs of their choice.  The multi-purpose room and building technology room is accessible to the Elders of the community so that they may come in to teach language as well as boat building, basket making, eel-spear making and moose hunting techniques (high-school observation only).

To provide for special needs students, a speech therapist is available along with a school psychologist,  computer technologist who will provide a scan-and-read book service for autistic children and Snoozelan Room to meet their needs.

There is also a teen health room in the school staffed by a nurse two days per week, and a dental therapist to meet the dental needs of our students and community members three days per week.

The curriculum is being developed to appeal to the needs of today’s workplace through an expanded technology program. By introducing students to technology in the early stages of learning, students will be better equipped to pursue careers in the field of computer sciences and all other industries that require a strong computer skill set. Putting this into action, the We’koqma’q School provides web design courses and computer programming starting with grade seven students as well as high school courses in film and video.  The school is also a “Leader in Me, Seven Habits School” which is designed to develop independence and leadership skills in each student since 2009.  The end goal is for our school to become a 7 Habits Lighthouse school.

In efforts to continue the expansion of the educational resources, the educational planning committee will search out a range of supports from new partnerships. These partnerships will foster financial support, donations of supplies and equipment, mentorships and cooperative opportunities for students and staff. The committee will establish and maintain connections with these organizations, corporations, and government agencies.

The future of We’koqma’q First Nation will continue to improve and thrive as more community members live their lives as life-long learners, who respect themselves and others, who take pride in their culture and possess a strong desire to succeed.


Director: Joanne Alex
Phone: (902) 756-2525 ext. 262
Fax: (902) 756-2326

Hours of operation: Monday – Friday 9 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

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