Skye Communications

Skye Communications

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We’koqma’q to offer high speed internet services through new venture, Skye Communications

We’koqma’q L’nue’kati is excited to announce the launch of new venture, Skye Communications, in partnership with the Province of Nova Scotia, Rogers Communications (Seaside) and Nova Scotia Power.

The goal of Skye Communications is to provide faster Internet speeds and increased reliability to We’koqma’q and surrounding areas, while being a driver for long-term economic growth.

Installation of infrastructure to support the Fiber-To-The-Home expansion project began in May 2023. Construction and other preparations will continue into the new year as Skye Communication services are anticipated to be available by early 2024.

“Empowering our community through connectivity has always been a priority,” says Annie Bernard-Daisley, Chief, We’koqma’q. “The launch of our community-owned telecommunications business is a testament to our dedication to bridging gaps and fostering growth. We are thrilled to embark on this new chapter,” says Chief Annie.

Residents of We’koqma’q and surrounding areas can now enroll to be placed on the waiting list by completing the Priority Service form. Connections will then be made in priority sequence, and residents will be notified when the service is available in their neighborhood.

If you would like to sign up for Skye Communications services, join the waitlist by completing the Priority Service form online here.

For more information, please contact:
Storm Gould Director, Marketing and Strategic Initiatives
We’koqma’q L’nue’kati
Phone: 902-295-7276

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