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Our Youth | Our Future

Remembering our history, carrying-on our traditions, celebrating our culture, and learning to build your best future, are the pillars in how we support the youth in our community. Our investments in educational and recreational resources have brightened our community. We are extremely proud of the unique and holistic education system that we have built here in We’koqma’q.

For the newest members of our community, our daycare provides a safe, inclusive environment for our children to have a stimulating learning and childcare experience. Our school is also recognized as a leader in Canada for the unique and specialized support we provide to students with varying needs. Education extends far beyond the classroom.

“We’re strong, we’re resilient, we’re indigenous and we can handle anything that comes our way as a community. Our youth are our future.

– Christina Sylliboy – Vice Principal

Community-based programs like Youth Camps and Camp Rod further connect our children to our cultural roots, while teaching them the life skills needed to keep them on the right path. Our mental health services and health centre provides around the clock support for our youth in greatest need.

We are proud to run a Youth Program each summer where the Youth in our community work directly with our Elders. This program is facilitated throughout Band with a goal of having our Youth provide services such as complimentary lawn mowing services, help around their home, etc. to help create the necessary mentorship and learning that is so important for our community.

Proudest Highlights

Our School

A pillar of our community, our school is a special place for children to learn their history and roots, while gaining the education and support needed to build their future.

Snoezelen Room

At our school, children always feel accepted and supported – no matter the personal challenges they face. Our Snoezelen Room was specially designed to support children with autism and other learning disabilities.

Splash Pad

In 2019, we opened a new splash pad as a fun way to cool down in warmer months.

Camp Rod

Creates experiences for youth to learn survival techniques, engage in Indigenous storytelling and build a strong connection to our culture.

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