We’koqma’q First Nation is committed to excellence. With the goal of enhancing the quality of life of its Members, We’koqma’q is focused on driving own-source revenue and achieving self-sufficiency. With our educated and passionate Chief, Council, Members and staff, We’koqma’q is quickly making that vision a reality.

We’koqma’q primarily sustains itself with a multitude of commercial enterprises such as fisheries, aquaculture, investment income, First Alliance Security, commercial leasing, Irving One Stop, We’koqma’q Contracting and We’koqma’q Gaming.

This is just the beginning for We’koqma’q. I believe in the people here. I believe in a vibrant future for We’koqma’q. I welcome you to contact us with inquiries or ideas for your next business venture. Our door is open to doing business together.


Gioia Usher, CPA,
CEO | We’koqma’q First Nation

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