Social Services Department

We'koqma'q Social Services Department

The goal of We’koqma’q’s social development plan is to improve lives and build community through developed social services. The focus is on services that best support those members of the community who require extra assistance. This could include acquiring life essentials, special diets to overcome illness, and furniture or appliances for those with physical needs.

We’koqma’q Food Bank

The We’koqma’q Food Bank opened in the spring of 2021 and has provided essential food items to community members ever since. With inflation increasing the cost of living, we are pleased to assist community members with bi-weekly food packages from the We’koqma’q Food Bank.

The Food Bank is open twice per month and it is available to all community members who are the head of their household. We currently provide an average of 70 packages on a bi-weekly basis. Our packages include basic food items such as meat, bread, eggs, milk, dry goods, as well as canned and frozen foods.

Our goal is to put together a package to help families make multiple meals that will last several days. While it has been fantastic, plans are underway to expand and increase the food offerings of the foodbank in the near future.


Director: Matilda Googoo (Tillie)
Phone: (902) 756-3301
Fax: (902) 756-2759

Hours of operation: Monday – Friday 9 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.
(Closed every second Wednesday)

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