Our Well-Being

Our Well-Being | Our Quality of Life

Improving the quality of life for our entire community is at the core of every decision we make. Since 2011, we’ve made incredible progress in how we support, care for and invest in our community as a whole.

The health and wellness of our community extends far beyond physical health. We’ve taken a holistic approach to improving the quality of life for our entire community – spiritual, mental and physical – while also investing in essential infrastructure, like housing, water, sewer, the health centre and more.

Access to specialized healthcare has changed the health of our community. With some of the best wait times in the province for mental health support, and exceptional day-to-day care, we are true leaders in this field.

Proudest Highlights

Skye River Trail

The Skye River Trail was completed and now offers a serene place to connect with nature and experience an abundance of medicine gardens.

Medicine Garden

The new Medicine Garden is a garden for all peoples and
all living things. It provides
a sacred space for healing,
celebration and peace. It will be a place for our medicine to grow and be nourished.

Health Centre

Our partnership with the Nova Scotia Health Authority means access to specialized services here, in our community. We have some of the best wait times for mental health support in the entire province, phenomenal pre-natal and palliative care, and more.

Medical Vans

We purchased two vans to help community members get to and from medical appointments.


Since 2011, we’ve built 28 new homes, two 8-plexes, and renovated 150 homes for community members.

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